7706 25th Avenue Northwest

We get together on the 2nd Tuesday of the month except in the month of December when we start our annual Christmas/End of Year Dinner an hour earlier.


We meet in the basement of the Northminster Presbyterian Church which is located at;7706 - 25th Avenue NW in the Loyal Heights. (See Map at bottom of this page)


The regular meeting begins at 7:30 PM and includes a show-and-tell session. After club business is transacted we then have a 10-25 minute program of interest to our members and guests.

Juniors at 6:30 PM, everyone else at 7:30 PM

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Speakers/Programs for NSL&MC's Meetings

Juniors at 6:30 PM, everyone at 7:30 PM

Juniors:See Below






• Badge program:

Member juniors from kindergarten to 3rd grade work on requirements to complete rockhounding badges


•  Lapidary 101:

Juniors and junior guests use rock equipment to polish a different stone at each meeting.


Program: Rockhounds on YouTube





Did you get a rock for Christmas?  Did you use the holidays to create anything with rocks?  Or what is the best

rock gift you have received?




Month Presenter: Eric Edgerton

Club VP Eric Edgerton, introduces you to rockhounding on YouTube.  You’ll learn about various sites and rockhounds, that will let you either rockhound vicariously or suggest future collecting trips.


In Memorium

Dave Wester

Dave passed away in the early hours of Christmas Eve.  He was a friend and mentor to many, including Anna Haas, who has

expressed the sentiments of those who knew him...

It was terrible news for all club members upon hearing that Dave Wester had passed away on Christmas Eve.

He was an integral part of the club for many years, and was the one who told all the new people how to join the club when he

was Membership Chair, and gave me my application years ago.

He was the person who took a large group and me to Walker Valley on our very first rock hunt.  As was his gentle nature, he

took the time to ensure that everyone took away a prize found amongst the rock and gravel.


Over the years, Dave and I coordinated with one another on web design and issues.  We shared time on the board and we took

time out for one another to discuss club matters and personal matters.


He was the friendly face at the entry of our yearly rock show, patiently showing the flow of people visiting the show the art of

Faceting.  He dedicated each day of the show to bring this to the people all day without a break in the action.


But most of all he was a true friend to us all.  Always greeting each and every club member sincerely with a “Hey, how’s it



His passing leaves us with a big hole in our heart.  But maybe we can all learn to carry on the gentleness he brought to the club members and the people who volunteer for the positions in the club.


I know for me personally, and I am sure to so many others of you, he will surely be missed and maybe we can all follow the

patient nature he showed to all of us.  He was very dedicated to the club and all of the volunteers, and was one of the people

who made this club a very special place of friendships.


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