7706 25th Avenue Northwest

We get together on the 2nd Tuesday of the month except in the month of December when we start our annual Christmas/End of Year Dinner an hour earlier.


We meet in the basement of the Northminster Presbyterian Church which is located at;7706 - 25th Avenue NW in the Loyal Heights. (See Map at bottom of this page)


The regular meeting begins at 7:30 PM and includes a show-and-tell session. After club business is transacted we then have a 10-25 minute program of interest to our members and guests.

Juniors at 6:30 PM, everyone else at 7:30 PM

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Speakers/Programs for NSL&MC's Meetings

Juniors at 6:30 PM, everyone at 7:30 PM

Juniors:See Below






• Badge program:

Member juniors from kindergarten to 3rd grade work on requirements to complete rockhounding badges


•  Lapidary 101:

Juniors and junior guests use rock equipment to polish a different stone at each meeting.








Presenter: Coralyn Whitney: Trip to Idar-Oberstein

Idar-Oberstein is a small cluster of towns in southwest Germany with a population of less than 30,000.  The

area is known for having lots of naturally occurring agate and quartz.  Stone cutting has been going on there for the past couple of hundred of years.  So, there are many 4+ generation families that do stone and gem cutting.  But since there are even more colorful stones else

-where, they have their contacts around the world on the lookout for fine pieces aquamarine, Zoisite, tourmaline,

etc. to add to their inventory.  The main stone cutters are the Munsteiners and the Henns.  We will be bringing

some jewelry and one carving for show and tell.









Recent field trip finds, jewelry you’ve made, rocks that look like Jimmy Durante, or anything that we need to see!




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