2017 Board of Directors

  President: Charlie Dodd

  Vice President:

  Secretary: Jen Smith

  Treasurer:  Scott Steinhorst

  Past President: Rick Olson

  Member-At Large  Bill Jones

  Scholarship: John Frey, Amy      Glassberg, Bruce MacRae

  Membership  Mark Sundquist

  Mineral Council: Carolyn Fry

  Rocky Trails: Susan Gardner

  Collection Disposition Committee

  Mike Froebe




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By Popular demand


Tomas Green's "You Know You Are a Rock Hound If" as told at the 2012 Holiday party:


You are a rock hound if . . .


    People have ever run into you because you suddenly stopped in the middle of a path to pick up a rock.

    You have ever poured the last of your drinking water on a rock, because it might just be an agate.

    You ever heard the description of an archaeologist's field work, and thought; "people get paid for that??"

    Your neighbors complain about all the weird saw and grinding noises that take place in your basement at 3 am.

    You think the only mountain worth going to is Gem Mountain

    Your tongue has ever gone dry from licking too many rocks

    If you have ever gone to a rock vendor and known more about rocks than the vendor himself

    You have ever ruined clothes in the process of getting a rock, and afterwards thought, "so worth it."

    You plan to spend a fortune at Tucson Arizona.

    You have ever looked at a boulder and thought; " I know just what to do with that."

    Your parents have ever yelled at you because their backpack "mysteriously" gained ten pounds after your trip to the beach.

    You have ever replaced your lawn with rocks, not because you didn't want to mow your lawn, but because you ran out of room.

    And lastly, you know you're a rockhound if you think that a hobby change means going from cabbing to faceting.



The Rockhound's Code of Ethics


    I will respect both private and public property and will do no collecting on public owned land without permission from the owner.

    I will keep informed on all laws, regulations and rules governing collecting on private lands and will observe them.

    I will to the best of my ability, ascertain the boundary lines of property on which I plan to collect. I will use no firearms or blasting materials in collecting areas.

    I will cause no willful damage to property of any kind, such as fences, signs, buildings, etc.

    I will leave all gates as found. I will build fires only in designated or safe places and will be certain they are completely extinguished before leaving the area.

    I will discard no burning materials - matches, cigarettes, etc.

    I will fill all excavation holes which may be dangerous to livestock.

    I will not contaminate wells, creeks, or other water supplies. I will cause no damage to collecting material and will take home only what I can reasonably use.

    I will support the Rock Hound Project H.E.L.P. (Help Eliminate Litter Please) and will leave all collecting areas devoid of litter, regardless of how found.

    I will cooperate with Field Trip Leaders and those in designated authority in all collecting areas.

    I will report to my Club or Federation Officers, Bureau of Land Management, or other proper authorities, any deposit of petrified wood or other material on public lands which should be protected for the enjoyment of future generations and for public educational and scientific purposes.

    I will appreciate and protect our heritage of Natural Resources.

    I will observe the "Golden Rule", will use Good Outdoor Manners and will at all times conduct myself in a manner which will add to the stature and Public Image of Rock Hounds everywhere.



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