To become an Adult Member of our club (18 years old or older), all you have to do is:


1. Attend two (2) consecutive General meetings. Sorry - attending the Junior sessions doesn't count.


2. Fill out the application form. You may obtain a copy of the application by visiting the membership table at the general meeting. You can turn your application in at the end of the 2nd consecutive meeting of attendance.


3. Submit the application and questionnaire with annual dues payment of $10 plus a one-time initiation fee of $12. The fee covers your handbook and the cost of one adult name tag. Additional name tags cost $7.00 each. (Dues get prorated at midyear which is March. Dues are $10 per year per adult.


4. Children become junior members by inclusion on their parents' application. There is no charge for juniors, but if a junior wants a name tag, the cost is $7.


5. Applications then go to the board of directors for review and approval; new members are announced at the next meeting.


6. The Application asks what two consecutive meetings you attended so make sure you keep track. If we don't see your name on the visitor's sign-in for those months, it might delay your membership application.



Any questions about membership can be e-mailed to:


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